Who We Are

Kravitch Machine Co is a premier manufacturer of industrial-quality tools for the gas and water industries. We have been in business for over 40 years. KMC has a reputation of not only making the best-quality tools on the market, but also working readily with our customers to manufacture tools that fit a utility company’s specific needs. Many of our most popular tools are currently listed on the website. Since we manufacture a vast array of tools that are company-specific, we cannot give an exhaustive list. If you do not see a tool listed to you suit your needs, please contact us. We can easily modify existing tools or we may already manufacture a tool with your desired modifications even though it is not on the website.

Kravitch Machine Co manufactures distribution tools, the K-12000 Sealant Gun and Hydrant Replacement Parts. In addition, we offer a machine shop service to the utility industry. Click on Fabricating & Machining Services above to view some of the services we offer.

Our line of distribution tools include street keys, curb keys, gate valve keys, pentagon wrenches, shutoff keys, meter pit keys, cleanout tools, probing bars, bar puller, digging bars, lid lifters, leak detector, Slide Hammer Jackhammers, wedges,

Kravitch Machine Company manufactures plastic pipe tools including hand-held alignment clamps, single size alignment clamps, adjustable size alignment clamps and rerounding tools.

Kravitch Machine Company manufactures replacement parts for several fire hydrants. Our parts fit hydrants such as American Darling, Ludlow, Mueller, RD Wood, Kennedy etc...

We are currently developing several tools to be used for keyhole applications. Please click on Keyhole Technology above to view the work KMC is doing in this area.