Sealant Gun Rebuilding

Sealant Gun Rebuilding - $150.00

Kravitch Machine Company reconditions nearly all makes and models of hand-held sealant guns. We also sell replacement parts for repair in the field. For replacment parts, please see Sealant Gun Replacement Parts under Tools for the Gas Utilities.

We specialize in rebuilding tools for the utility industry, including hydraulically-operated sealant guns similar to the Rockwell Model 400-D handgun. In order to produce the highest quality rebuilt sealant guns, we manufacture all the metal replacement parts and purchase the highest quality American-made hardware items.

Kravitch Machine Co. Rebuilds sealant guns to a “like-new” condition. All safety, and wear parts are replaced with the new parts. We DO NOT utilize used wear parts. We DO NOT interchange parts between different guns. Each gun is reassembled with its own parts and the same gun is returned to you. NOTE: Please drain your sealant gun of all hydraulic fluid prior to shipping to us for repair.

Rebuilding the sealant gun consist of:
1. Complete disassembly between the sealant cylinder cap and the fluid bag cylinder cap
2. Cleaning all parts.
3. Inspecting all parts.
4. Minor machining (such as; deburring, sealant cylinder honing, etc..)
5. Replacing all safety, sealing and wear parts. These parts include the following Pressure Relief Valve, Complete Pump Cylinder Assembly, Complete Sealant Cylinder Piston Assembly, Fluid Bag, Check Valve Assembly Hardware, All O-Rings, and Seals and Hydraulic Fluid.
6. Reassembling
7. Functional pressure testing. Rebuilt sealant guns are subject to the same functional testing as new sealant guns.

The following parts are inspected and replaced as needed, for an additional cost: Sealant Nipple, Tee, Pressure Gauge, Hose Assembly, and Giant Button-Head Coupler.

A rebuilt sealant gun has a 60-Day Limited Warranty. Contact KMC for details.

Instructions for shipping guns for repair:
1. Please place your name and address inside the package. Please include a phone number.
2. Ship to:
Kravitch Machine Co.
4148 State Route 151
Aliquippa, PA 15001