Engineering Services

Kravitch Machine Company’s Engineering Service works in two areas:

1. New Tool Development. KMC develops tools that fit the needs of it’s customers. Whether it is modifying a distribution tool to better meet the needs of a customer or developing new tools. One of the prjects that KMC is currently participating in is a new process called Keyhole Technology. This new technology involives performing a number of distribution work functions through only an 18 - 24" diameter hole in the pavement. This process has the advantages of improved employee safety and greatly reducing restoration costs. KMC feels privileged to work on the ground floor of this new and innovative technology.
2. Repair of Infrastructure Components. KMC has extensive experience in repairing pipe fittings, adapters, and valves. One of the pictures below displays an adapter that KMC manufactured. The picture displays an adapter that has an 48" mechanical joint on one end and a 48" Class 250 Flange on the other end.